In the wake of global financial crisis, the people, firms and businesses driving our modern economy have changed. While elite fields of business and finance now play a dominant role in the global economy, how they work remains a mystery to most outsiders. Still, terms like hedge funds and private equity, once rarely discussed in mainstream media, have now reached full-scale public prominence.

Money Makers reveals the selective and secretive industries of the private sector that drive the modern economy from the perspective of leaders in each field. Throughout the book, David Snider and Dr. Chris Howard rely on insights gleaned from interviews with top executives in six industries: private equity, hedge funds, management consulting, investment banking, management of Fortune 500 companies, and venture capital.

Exploring the histories, firms, people, and mechanics of modern finance, Money Makers is an accessible guide for those looking to make sense of the financial world.

Readers will be clued in to:

  • Insight from Jamie Dimon, CEO of J.P. Morgan Chase & Co., on his bank's growth through the financial crisis and government involvement in the banking sector
  • How entrepreneurship is linked to venture capital, and the steps that are taken to complete the investment process
  • The differences between private equity and venture capital, and how private equity firms decide where to invest
  • What the future holds for the hedge fund business and how the fallout of the Bernie Madoff scandal will affect the industry
  • The challenges of working in a high-growth Fortune 500 company, according to Shona Brown, Senior Vice President of Business Operations at Google


  • Foreword by Robert K. Steel, former CEO of Wachovia and Under Secretary of Domestic Finance for the U.S. Treasury
  • Introduction
  • The Billion-Dollar Brokers and Traders of Investment Banking
  • The Shepherds and Builders of Business: Venture Capital and Entrepreneurship
  • The Billionaire Borrowers: Private Equity and Leveraged Buyouts
  • The Market Mavericks: Hedge Funds
  • The Million-Dollar Analysis of Management Consulting
  • Big Business: The Management of Fortune 500 Companies
  • Profiles of the Leading Firms in the Industries Covered